Kitchen Cabinet
We made a cabinet for our kitchen. Designed to be fit to the stuffs, it is comfortable to use. Because of the structure which is simple but rigid, we achieved quality only with cheep wood.
Yasai band
Yasai band changes any vegetables or fruits to the musical instruments. This work is going to be displayed at the GUGEN 2014.
First Party
First Party held in our studio on June 21.
Beatroid is a wearable mask-shaped device that allows a user to generate music by applying various effects to his or her voice.
Sound Spot
We made a sparker for ourselves. We fundamentally reconsidered the theory of a speaker and made plate-shape speaker, which open the back of the unit, not box-shape and realized very natural sound.
Ceiling Elevator
We made a huge ceiling rack which is 900w x1800d(mm). It maximizes storage space in a limited room by using ceiling. Moreover, you can change the height of it by the handle. It is usually hang up near the ceiling and can be taken down if you need. It can be used as a temporary work bench when it is taken down around your waist.
Apr. 27, 2014
Activity log on April 27, 2014
Light Over
As a device for ideation, we made a system which consists of a huge white board, a projector and a web camera. You can freely write on the board with projected information you need, and the result will be quickly captured by the camera.
Form 1
3Dプリンタを導入した。我々が選んだのは「Form 1」。Kickstarterから始まったFormLabs社の製品である。普通安価な3Dプリンタは溶かした樹脂を垂らして積層するが、これは高価なものと同様の光造形方式。造形の精度が極めて高いのが特徴である。
Large Shelf
First Chair
Dec. 28, 2013
We made prototypes for the project we are doing. This is the introduction of our rapid process.
Our life depends only on sight while everything is getting digitalized. Then, we made an installation which stimulates your 5 senses. Smella stimulates especially your sense of smell which is difficult to use for installations.
Word Spur
This strange device has 8 LEDs inside and they are blinking in a certain pattern. Then you can see letters when you move the device on phosphoric sheet. The sheet temporally save the light of LEDs, therefore it can record the letters.
NY - Summer
This is the record of my our trip in New York in summer 2013 with beautiful photos. The more I visit NY, the more I get attracted to the city.
Coaster Light
When you add a little change to a common stuff, sometimes it change the ordinary acts to special experience. This coaster lights when you put glass on it. The light makes beauty reflecting to the liquid and ices in the glass. Both the coaster and glass are looks ordinary but they become special ones only when they meet.