Beatroid is a wearable mask-shaped device that allows a user to generate music by applying various effects to his or her voice. The user can enjoy realtime editing using the intuitive physical interface while listening to the loop of a recorded clip. The full-face mask creates an immersive audio environment and helps the user focus on the auditory information. Regardless of their musical skills, Beatroid turns the users into DJs, allowing them to have a fun and performative experience.

The audio clip recorded by the microphone at the bottom of the mask is transmitted to a computer and the computer processes the sound. The user can send commands such as "record", "play", and "apply effect" to the computer by controlling the buttons placed both sides of the mask. On the left side of the mask is there a button that switches "record" and "effect" mode. The user can change the intensity of the effect by adjusting the dial. The user can push the button on the right side to loop the clip and adjust the dial to amplify the sound.