Sound Spot
We made a sparker for ourselves. We fundamentally reconsidered the theory of a speaker and made plate-shape speaker, which open the back of the unit, not box-shape and realized very natural sound.


In the first place, the reason why a speaker unit needs housing is to prevent the diffraction and not to weaken the sound, especially low tone from front and back of the unit. Then, a simple plate is the ideal solution to prevent the diffraction. However, in this case, plate have to be too big, so usual speaker enclose the back of the unit with box-shape housing. Therefore, we installed the speaker to the ceiling not to occupy the space and realized the experience with sound showering from above the head.


Adopted cheap veneer board. We found the ideal size, 700x1400mm by calculation based on theory and actual survey by prototyping.


We used cheap unite, which is about 1600 yen. Amplifier is about 2000 yen.


We also found that the distance from the ceiling have to be more than about 300mm.